Friday July 11, 2014

kaylee and jane 2 of 4

Here we have number 2 of 4… We love the angle shot! Nice going girls

Thursday July 10, 2014

kaylee and jane 1 of 4

We were lucky this week to receive 4 pics of these lovely ladies. Come back to see what mischief these girls get up to and rate on their yummy bums ;)

Wednesday July 9, 2014

Samantha’s yum bum

Thanks to Samantha for the submission, it made our day

Thursday July 3, 2014

nice bum?

Yes, it’s a nice one. Thanks to this submitter who posed the question…let her know what you think by voting below

Saturday June 21, 2014

So Soft, so nice

Thanks for this soft and yummy submission, we think that this came from France as the title submission suggested. Anyhow, we all know that French girls are truly blessed with a nice behind, or should I say derrière ;)